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Buayan Island seafront cove


Buayan Island seafront cove

52,039 sqm
PHP 18,214,000 (P350/sqm)
GPS: 10.5676, 119.1519
Poblacion, San Vicente, Palawaninquiry button

Overview: This nice Island portion of 365 meters seafront situates in the North West of San Vicente, Palawan. It is located within a protected cove on the island and is often the choice location for ships to come when there is bad weather. It is a tropical paradise potential with blue seas, excellent diving sites around the island, rich in marine life, peace and tranquility.

Traveling: The property is only 45 minutes away from the El Nido’s airport. El Nido has regular flights to Manila just one hour and a half away. The island is positioned only 60 meters from the mainland and 30 meters from the Islet.

Facilities: Globe and Smart cellular coverage is available at the area. Water access is obtained from deep wheel.

Potentials: This island property is ideal for anyone wanting to own and operate a commercial marina.



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